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Belize Bird Rescue, Bird Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre
Belize Bird Rescue is a private Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild of birds in Belize. If while you are in Belize you see an injured wild bird, or poorly cared-for captive bird, report it to the Government of Belize Forestry Department at 822-1523 or 822-1524. In Belize, contact Belize Bird Rescue if you would like advice on caring for your pet or wish to enter your bird into our Rehabilitation Programme. Phone: 501-822-1145 E-mail: infor@belizebirdrescue.com Website: www.belizebirdrescue.com

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Parrot Sanctuary
Serenity Park is a sanctuary for rescued birds. Begun in Los Angeles, as a partnership between VA and a nonprofit organization on the grounds of the West LA VA Medical Center, it is a program that treats homeless veterans for alcoholism, substance abuse, and PTSD. Started as an experimental partnership the program offers a career training program in avian care as part of the veterans therapy program. Visit www.parrotcare.org For more information. See http for the Section 508 compliant version of this video.

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World Parrot Refuge
A reformated version of a previously posted film on the refuge in Coombs, on Vancouver Island, that offers a permanent home to victims of the pet trade.

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Florida Parrot Rescue MARS - Support Our Cause!
An interview with LuAnn Apple, Executive Director of Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary MARS, a Florida based public charity which is dedicated to the rescue and care of parrots and other exotic birds. LuAnn talks about her long-time passion for birds, how the organization was founded, about the importance of donations in order to rehabilitate the (often abandoned) birds - and introduces the audience to several of the unique, lively and funny feathered inhabitants of her aviary.

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Oasis Sanctuary
KOLD News 13 profile story of the Oasis Bird Sanctuary. Oasis is a world renown bird sanctuary hidden just north of Benson in Southern Arizona. This story shows some of the amazing work they are doing and showcases the beautiful birds they have rescued

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Oasis Sanctuary - Visiting the Parrot Sanctuary in Arizona
TrainedParrot.com Read the full story about my visit to the Oasis Sanctuary above. The Oasis houses over 650 parrots across many different species. Some parrots are in aviaries while others are caged. Some parrots included in the video include cockatoos, macaws, lories, african greys, cockatiels, and quaker parrots. You can help support the Oasis Sanctuary by making a donation, sponsoring a parrot, buying merchandise, or volunteering. You can find all the information you need on the Oasis Sanctuary website: www.the-oasis.org

Frida Nyberg (parrotjungle)